Why work with Us?

The term, why work with us, entitles many companies web-pages, and so it should. Telling our clients, how we differ from other companies offering a similar service, should be a key factor in your decision making process.

There are allot of individual artists, and arts agencies, that deliver or facilitate the delivery of children’s and youth arts workshops, activities and courses, so why chose Nugent education.

Firstly, unlike many individual artists, we have a plethora of different artists to choose from, so sickness doesn’t ensure an ongoing project collapses. We have replacement artists on standby, ready to deliver the workshops if there is a problem.

Also, we differ from allot of companies, in that our artists, not only deliver workshops, but many are active in their chosen artists professions. That means we have DJ’s, graffiti artists and dancers that enter competitions’, rappers who are flown across the Ocean to rap at concerts and so on. We find this adds to the excitement, and encourages children and young people. They can tell who is good at what they do.

Furthermore, with key staff members arising from the education sector (as teachers and lecturers); we are well placed to plan and organise workshops that embody educational content and learning g requirements. More than just an agency, we help plan and advice clients on how to say, embody an anti bullying workshop utilising rap or graffiti art. It’s also, often the case that a workshop or series of workshops is part of a curriculum, or has specific objects, and we have extensive knowledge and experience in this area.

Our company feedback from youth workers, teachers and head teachers (and so on), is evidence of our ability to meet both client, and participant needs.

Nugent education Limited is a registered provider for a dozen council areas, and schools, youth cubs and other children’s organisations book, then re-book our services continually.

We can organise activities with as little as a weeks notice, so get in touch at any point!

look forward to hearing from you!