rapping and beat boxing workshops

admin urban arts workshops for children and young people

If you really want to engage children or youths, you should think about booking a rapping and human beat boxing workshop. Rap remains our most popular workshop activity by far. Hip-hop rap or grime rapping, is firmly engrained in today’s youth culture. Rapping is effectively poetry behind beats. This is an activity that can be utilised in a plethora of ways. …

Makeup & beauty & fashion-nails workshops for teenage girls

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Try our Nugent Education ® makeup, hair, fashion-nails and beauty workshops and classes by Nugent Education Limited. They are very popular with teenage girls. In our workshops, young women can learn how to safely and effectively apply makeup, do their hair, and create fashion nails and other contemporary beauty skills. Workshops or projects often end with a self-esteem building mini …

Urban dance workshop

admin urban arts workshops for children and young people

Nugent Education work with some top break dancing professionals who can provide your school or centre with some excellent break dance workshops and classes. This type of dancing is part of the hip hop culture, and popular TV shows like Britain’s Got Talent has increased its popularity with children and young people in the UK, exponentially these last few years. Children …

Crafts and environmental or recycled crafts

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Nugent Education Limited organise DBS checked artists who can deliver an exciting range of crafts activities, suitable for children of all ages and abilities. These include traditional things like kite making, to mask making, decorated cards, lantern making, Puppet making (shadow puppets, muppet puppets), feather headdresses and more. Also, head dresses, recycled materials fashion show, recycled materials music instrument making. …

school arts workshops

arts workshops for schools

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Our arts workshops for schools can really help motivate, educate and engage children of all ages! These popular arts workshops for primary, secondary and special school are a useful way to engage, educate and entertain all at the same time. Do you need to book arts activities for your school? Children will really engage with outside providers, skilled in their areas …

Japanese origami workshop

admin creative arts workshops for children

If you are looking to book something really interesting then perhaps Japanese origami is the workshop for you. This workshop is both culturally significant for Asian studies and interesting. This is an amazing workshop that will leave the participants amazed at what can be achieved. Of all the crafts activities we do, this is the most interesting. Our artist has been …


Reduced cost DJ course

admin courses by Nugent Education

This course is much reduced in comparison to our other courses, but only available in some areas (see below). Level 1 DJ programme – which can be linked in to an AQA accreditation through the school. Over the course of half a school term (6 weeks), students will gain a basic understanding of the fundamentals of Djing and will be …

African drumming workshops

admin African drumming workshops for schools, creative arts workshops for children

First of all, do you want to book African drumming? You can be sure that African drumming workshops are a popular activity choice. Firstly, our drummers have facilitated these popular drum workshops with every age group. Secondly, they have delivered them to children of all ages and abilities including children with disabilities. Also, workshops are available for adults. The drummers …


DJ skills workshop

admin urban arts workshops for children and young people

We have been providing all kinds of workshops for children and young people across England and Wales. We have learned what works well and what doesn’t work so well. Urban music is popular with many young people and in particular difficult to reach teenagers. Music can be a great way to entertain, engage and teach children a skill that they ‘want to learn’. …

Painting techniques and fine art and art workshops

admin creative arts workshops for children

Primarily, my specialism in portraiture and I can teach methods using a range of traditional art materials. These skills can however be moulded to suit any subject in regards to tonal values, perspective, measuring and exploring painting techniques, brushstrokes and materials etc. I can introduce oils/watercolours/ acrylics and their mediums and I can make canvases and instruct how to size …