Workshop Fees

Workshop Costs – Our Fees

Based on delivery to groups of 20 + per artist (can work with class sized groups in schools)

  • Full Day workshop fee / 4hrs (£335.00 per artist/ practitioner) – this is the most cost effective and would normally consist of 2hrs on floor time in the morning and 2hrs in the afternoon or afternoon and evening (total = 4hrs 4 x 1hour sessions – that is delivering to 4 groups of 20+ per day).
  • Half Day workshop fee / 2hrs (£225.00 per artist / practitioner) – this most typical length workshop would normally consist 2hrs hours/on floor time in the morning or the afternoon
  • One and a Half Hour workshop fee / 1 ½ hrs (£185.00 per artist / practitioner) – this would consist of 1 ½hrs/on floor time in the morning, afternoon or evening.
  • One Hour Taster session fee / 1hr (£135.00 per artist/practitioner) – we do offer 1 hour taster sessions in selected fields only.
  • There is also a small 4% administration fee with all our commissions (& travel subsidy and/or material costs where necessary). We do not charge VAT! Please call us or contact us through our booking form for a no-obligation quote!

Also note:

Nugent Education offers value for money workshops and activities. Full day workshops are more cost effective as artists’ can then deliver up to four, even five to five and a half hour in total workshops to separate groups.

We facilitate and organise workshops and activities that cover a wide-variety of specifications, length of programme, number of artists required, and aims and objectives! Costs, therefore, can vary accordingly. We are, however, not inflexible pricing up for larger projects!

Workshops may run from a one off workshop, to a full six or twelve week programme (for example).

We do provide workshops throughout the year, in the evenings, at weekends and bank-holidays, so why not give us a go? Also, we will not charge for waiting time between sessions. Some workshop artists do require travelling expenses, which are subject to a scale of charges, made clear at the time of booking. For individual and group sessions, our charges may also vary slightly.

The company does its best to ensure that all our activities are monitored and evaluated. Reflective practice leads to continual improvement. In all, great value for money, first class provision.

We take our customer service seriously and we will respond to all enquiries within 24 hours.

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