About Us

Nugent Education ™ Ltd was set up fourteen years ago by two brothers, one a rapper, poet, ESOL teacher, workshop artist and award-winning writer; the other a Further Education College lecturer (co-ordinator) teaching Key-Skills, Sociology and Criminology! The company has since expanded and now have, as well as Michelle Nugent and other administrative staff and dozens of regular artists working with us to deliver activities across England and Wales.

This company started by providing rapping to improve literacy workshops and courses. They later expanded into more urban arts such as graffiti art, DJ skills and break and street dancing.

In 2007 they moved into more creative areas, and began providing visual, performing and creative arts workshops and courses. These included cultural arts activities such as African drumming and Japanese origami and Japanese manga art.

The former professional experiences of the founders (Leighton and Ashleigh Nugent) with a fantastic team of artists ensured that they were well placed, to create courses that embody curriculum areas. As a result, they began to increasingly get utilised by schools, looking to create more interesting curriculums. If you want your pupils to engage in a subject area, we can certainly do that.

A key area was their work with schools (primary, secondary, special and independent schools), developing courses that sat alongside art, literacy, music and more. Also, BESD children, children’s holiday activities, activities for events, diversionary and general youth activities, kids party entertainers and so on.

Another key component of success for Nugent Education is that many of the artists do more than deliver workshops to schools and children’s / youth centres. They are active in their given genres. Put differently, our rappers do live gigs, our graffiti artists and DJ’s enter competitions and dancers who choreograph their own routines.

Nugent Education Limited believes that many important issues, be it health, drugs, PSHE citizenship, gang violence and other issues, can be tackled through arts workshops. By making the given area, the subject of say a mural, or what we write raps about, these themes can be discussed with young people in a positive and fun way.

Many youth and children’s organisations, as well as schools, contact us to assist them in embodying a plethora of objectives.

The company now has artists in Liverpool, Manchester, Birmingham, Flintshire and London, and can provide workshops across the country (England and Wales).

Fashion and culture change, as does what’s popular with young people! Nugent Education Limited work hard to ensure new (DBS checked) artists are delivering up to date and popular activities that children and young people enjoy.

Nugent Education ™ organises a plethora of activities and courses and has a proven track record of achievement. They are booked and rebooked by a range of children’s and youth organisations continually, testimony to this.

Recently, we have been offering NCS project ideas for NCS providers and this has been particularly popular.

They would love to hear from you so please get in touch!

Yours Faithfully

Leighton. A. Nugent (Director) – BA {Hons}, MA, PGCE, Cert TESOL