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Urban arts workshops are the most popular?

Nugent Education Ltd is an arts organisation organising the delivery of hundreds of arts activities every year.

They have DBS checked and liability insured artists deliver creative, performing and urban arts workshops. These are delivered at your school or venue.

Having done this for twelve years, we have come to know what is popular. Our full range of activities includes performing arts such as:

1: Drama
2: Singing

Also creative and cultural arts like:

1: African drumming
2: Japanese origami
3: Crafts
4: Environmental or recycled crafts
5: Puppet making
6: Mask making
7: mural painting
8: makeup & beauty

These are popular however, the most popular workshops we do by far are:

1: rapping and beat boxing
2: graffiti art and graffiti mural art
3: DJ skills
4: break or street dance
5: urban music production

Culturally, urban arts are seen as cool and if given the choice, children and young people pick therm. We have used rapping to teach about bullying and drugs and even improve literacy and revise for exams.

We deliver specialist children’s holiday arts activities during school holidays like Easter and/or Christmas, such as Christmas crafts for kids, or Easter themed mural art for schools and so on. Kid’s holiday activities can really help engage children in their free time or be for diversionary purposes.

These urban arts and other workshops are available in Liverpool, Manchester, Birmingham, London, Flintshire, and Derby and across England and Wales.

Take a look at our feedback:

“The workshops were excellent – thank you for your help in organising at all…
The younger children loved decorating their caps, and became really engrossed…It was mainly the younger teens (12 and 13 year-olds) that went turned up, and they were quite happy with the caps too…
The numbers for the Beat box /rap sessions were low which is a shame – unfortunately, all the children/teenagers were given free passes to the local swimming pool – with wave machine and water slides etc- during the music sessions, which we could do nothing about! Very unfortunate timing. But we had very good feedback from the children who did attend the workshops.”

Feedback from a Worcestershire Committee Guatemala Family Association: April 2017

“Another great session, with Kyle able to adapt to the young people’s abilities….
I know also that our Sheffield Futures team (Youth service for Sheffield) are equally impressed.
All the best.”

Feedback from a Sheffield Salvation Army Officer (Community Youth Worker): The Salvation Army: July 2017

“I am the Assistant Manager at Nimble Arts. We have been running holiday clubs at Horniman Primary School this week and had Kyle in for the second time to do a beat boxing workshop. I just wanted to feedback to you that we were so impressed with Kyle’s manner, not only towards the children but also with staff as well; he was professional, friendly and really enthusiastic as well as amazingly talented! He brought a great energy to the day and also managed to differentiate his workshop for children of different ages which meant that all were engaged. We will definitely have him back again.”

Feedback from a Manchester Assistant Manager (Manager): Nimble Arts: July 2017


You can be sure that Nugent Education is a company you can trust for urban and other arts activities!

Booking urban or other arts workshops is easy, new just need an address, times, genre and number and age of participants. We invoice before but don’t expect payment until afterwards!

Get in touch with one of our team today!

Leighton Nugent (Director)

Nugent Education Ltd

Tel: 0345 113 0000
Mob: 0781 327 0232

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